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The Lester McHipley Show!

By Rob VanderVeen
Outbred Productions brings it's debut show -- a half-improvised spoof of Jerry Springer -- to the sixth annual Abbotsford Fringe Theatre Festival. Watch on the sidelines as the only LIVE television talk-show in the world falls apart around you and join in the fun with a ten-minute question period! If you only see one Fringe show this year, make it the one where YOU are a part of the show! DON'T MISS OUT!

Comedy. 60 min. Rated PG. Tickets $7.

Family Night

By Troy More
A week after being murdered while on the run, a teenage girl returns to her family for one last night. Filled with anguish over her death, she confronts her ;arents, who would prefer to push their wayward daughter out of their minds. Her final act is to attemtp to steer her younger brother away from a similar course. Inspired by actual events.

Drama. 40 min. Rated Mature. Tickets $8.


By Gwynne Hunt
An introspective look at poverty and the lives of those who are forced by circumstances to use the Eastside soup kitchens. The story is told with humour and gives a poignant portrayal of live on the streets. It's a social commentary on the economic pathos of our times, in particular on the west coast. This is an original play, with original music by singer/songwriter Kathryn Wahamaa. The play also features innovative and creative staging, and is set in Vancouver as five people wait in line waiting for the soup kitchen to open. Produced by the group that brought Maynard's Beatnik & Bongo Bar to the 1997 Abbotsford Fringe.

Drama. 50 min. Rated PG. Tickets $8.

An Aunty-Show

By Maia Fishel
Deep within the subconscious lurks a conviction that ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS. Join hands with maia Fishel and cast to discover the relative negativity of such stuff of which dreams are made on (hold on gentle reader!).

60 min. Tickets $5.

Rosie's Stories

By Roz MacKinnon
At their favourite cafe two friends find a well worn journal. The note attached reads, :I'm Rosie, these are my stories, please share them." The pair become engrossed with Rosie's stories and through them take you on a journey covering the full gammiot of life experiences, from the darkness of assault, to the brightness of love, to playful sexual trysts including one with a Spanish sailer on the Halifax waterfront, Rosie's stories will move, entertain, and intrigue you.

Drama. 60 min. Mature. $9.

Sex Outside the Box

While we were busy worrying about a 500-channel universe instead of having sex,, someone bought them all and now there is only one television network, and no time for sex. This is the future, and it is nearer than you think. A brand new play by Deborah Loren and Don Wright.

Drama. 35 min. Mature. $8.

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